Turkey 2-Part Tourney


UBC Applied Science is hosting the inaugural Turkey 2-Part Tourney on Oct 11! “Ohhh, no more Turkey 2K?” you say? You got it. We’re trying something fresh and new!

This year, faculty, staff and students will come together to compete in a 2-part game show and raise funds for the United Way of the Lower Mainland. You’ll compete as a team to test your smarts, speed and skills in trivia and *mystery* games against other teams in our APSC community (don’t be scared, the games are actually fun. Trust us, we’ve tried them — there was lots of yelling).

This event gives us the opportunity to make an impactful donation to the United Way of the Lower Mainland and contribute to the programs serving those in our community that need a hand.

Let’s show our local love and make 2018 one for the books!

 Register a team!